Guestblogger: Fashion in Seattle

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I have been asked by my sister to write a post for the Afraid of Mice blog. In her request (read: demand) she asked me to make it something about fashion in Seattle.

As one of the hitters behind the scenes, I don’t really know too much about fashion. Ah yes, with afraid of mice visiting though, I do know plenty about:

– maximizing on efficiency when making trips to the airport to pick up family
– getting the most out of your car insurance when friends & family use the car

I also know about cars and bikes.

Yes, so I don’t know much about fashion. But I do know about cars and bikes. And having been here for a few years now, I do know about Seattle. Perhaps if cars and bikes can be considered fashionable, and if they’re in Seattle, then my post will not be met with fire and fury by the one that runs this whole setup?

I think Ducatis are pretty much the best thing in the world. Much like any Italian woman, a Ducati is (1) unpredictable, (2) beautiful, (3) passionate, and most of all: (4) dangerous! Have you ever visited the south of Italy? Trying to chirp the birds there can be dangerous for your health, quite literally. Their boyfriends carry big guns and hot tempers.

You know, everytime I am about to get on one of my Ducatis I kind of think about how good life has been to me, and if that it all ends on the trip I am about to take then it really has been a marvellous run. One doesn’t take this into account when chirping a hot number (but you have to when in the south of Italy)

I don’t ride the Ducatis too often. For one, this is Seattle, so it rains a lot. Ducatis and rain is not a good combination, not because it’s dangerous (see point 4 above), but because cleaning a Ducati takes a lot of time. The girls don’t like to get wet either. Ah yes, I also don’t ride them too much because they’re incredibly uncomfortable.

Comfort is not an issue when it comes to fashion and beauty though. Don’t take my word for it, the mountains of data out there surely supports this statement. Just look at some of the heels that the more sporty birds are packing nowadays (5+ inch lifts!) and you’ll see what I mean. There’s just no way a bird can be comfortable in those, no way. But it looks good, and that’s what matters. Right?

Hot damn, I am a sucker for a smokin hot number in heels.

Did I just say that?

“I wonder if she will censor this. ”

Ah yes, back to fashion in Seattle. So Ducatis are pretty fashionable, or at least I think so (I’m not sure if the data may support this statement). When the sun does shine in this never-ending winter wonderland, there are a number of bikes on the road. You’ll see a lot of the japanese bikes all over the place, plenty of the bigger harleys with the tubbies on them that bought their biker badges from big malls in the burbs as well. Nobody really notices these bikes, for they’re just like fish in a hatchery. Every now and then though, yes, every once in a while heads will turn when a Ducati rolls through. They’re just so damn awesome.

“What’s that noise daddy? I’m scared!”
“Run and get your mother son, trouble is on the way”

Ripley’s believe it or not, but did you know that you’ll never see Ducatis riding in packs or large groups like the hatchery fish?

This is because Ducati fellas are beyond needing their buddies all around them and making a fuss in order to enjoy a good ride.


Now what does one wear when rolling on a Ducati? Oh my, so tricky. It’s different strokes for different folks on this one (isn’t it always?).

If you’re gonna roll on a Ducati there are some solid ground rules that one should stick to though:

– Bling and such flashy nonsense is for hatchery fish on kawasakis, harleys, hondas, yamahas and suzukis. Ducati fellas fly somewhat under the radar. Not to say they’re timid (they’re not), just that they don’t showoff much. So if you have a flashy red helmet with a big white mohawk stuck on it then you probably need a hayabusa, not a Ducati.

– Tuck in your shirt. I remember being so upset when I was stuck in traffic a while back and had to watch a plumper on a Kawasaki Ninja riding in front of me. His pants had slid down below his bum and I could see a rotated smile peeking back at me. Is this fashionable nowadays? On a hot number, for sure! On a plumper that is too heavy for a Ninja though? probably not.

– Sneakers/Tekkies on a Ducati are a no-go. That’s just the way it is, sorry fella.

– Think hard and be careful when choosing a lucky lady to ride bitch. A Ducati worthy body is very different from a harley worthy body. A few pounds extra here and there makes a big difference on a Ducati (where weight distribution is crucial). In my experience, I’ve found that distribution in the upper body of your rider tends to go much better than distribution on the mid to lower part of the body.


Back to Fashion. I love my Ducatis so much that when I go to bed at night I include them in my prayers

“As I rest my head down to sleep, I pray the lord my Ducati’s fire to keep”

I swear they are saying a prayer for me as well

“Tell that dork that if he steps out of line I am going to break him”

It’s a love/hate relationship we have going, you wouldn’t understand.

Time for some piccies! A while back I contacted a model most worthy of riding a Ducati (Bitsy Rini!) and asked her if she wanted to be in a shoot with another girl (my red Ducati!). I found an old elevator shaft, setup camp and gave Bitsy only one instruction: no smiling! After all, Ducatis are very serious business.

I think she rocked the house.

But you be the judge.

Bitsy Rini!

One can’t help but smile when you’re on these things.

Bitsy Rini