Employee of the month – Mr Moss

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Simone and I would like to give a warm welcome to Neil! He is going to be helping out a few days a week, especially when I am overseas sourcing.

We asked Neil a few questions so you guys would get a chance to know him a little better. We really love and adore him, so we know you will too. Okay Neil, go!

Who is your favourite designer? YSL

Where would you most like to live? Florence

Chocolate or Strawberry milkshake? Oooh…Banana.

Best-loved local spot? Cafe Milano on Kloof street

Your can’t-live-without-item of clothing? My navy blue Ralph Lauren blazer (from Afraid of Mice!)

What is it that you love about vintage clothing? The tailoring and fabric

Who would play you in a movie? Karen Walker

What/who were you in a previous life? Someone in Marie Antoinette’s inner circle

What would you name your french poodle? Dijon

Your favourite documentary? The September Issue

What character from history do you most dislike? Rasputin