6 weeks and counting…

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So today marks our 6 week anniversary of our lovely little shop opening its doors! I thought it deserved a small mention because the shop is everything we ever wanted it to be and so much more. I cant tell you how many friends we have already made in this wonderful city of Cape Town. […]

Mmmm nice!

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Some of our gear on a very interesting shoot. Hellion Magazine. We likey.


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There are some horrid people out there. One such horrid person was in our store last week and walked out with our incredible DKNY trenchcoat. In her hurry to steal from us, she left her house keys in the change room. There is now a ransom for them! If she returns the coat, she can […]

The making of a Chanel 2.55

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I found a great link to behind-the-scenes pictures of how Chanel makes their 2.55 handbags. Wonderful!

Ooooh Mulberry

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Just arrived at the shop! A tan Roxanne Mulberry bag. Near perfect condition. R4000! This little lady is not going to stick around for long, she has people to see and places to go.

LOVE her dress!

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Alright alright, the craziness around the wedding is almost over. I just had to post this picture of Kate in her post-wedding-party-dress. I think the angora sweater is such a lovely touch. *LOVE*