As pretty as Poppy

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Poppy Evans from Elle bought this incredibly cool black Rodarte dress from us a few weeks ago. It was love at first sight! The two seem very happy together. Yay.

A delicious shoot

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A while ago, the talented Olive from Christopher Strong, styled a shoot using a few of our wares. These were the end results. We love them. And hope you do too. (The white tassle dress is one of my favourite finds.)

Afraid of Mice on TV

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*Blush* Kim from Mythology was interviewed by the Style Report on ETV about vintage fashion – “what is it exactly and is it here to stay?” She showed off a few of our dresses while she chatted about the difference between ‘second-hand’ and ‘vintage’ as well as the relevance of recycled fashion. Lovelyness!

Girls who dress like boys

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The Tomboy. It’s pretty tempting, but a little trickier than it seems to successfully pull it off. This new blog shows those few ladies out there who do. I also love the quote from Ralph Lauren about the tomboy look and his wife Ricky. “I’ve always loved the girl in the convertible with her hair […]

And the fear of mice is dead. Just like the presents he leaves behind.

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Oh Rocky Boy. The mister who is responsible for the name “afraid of mice” is currently obsessed with our new neighbour, Grant. And for the last few days, Rocky’s been spotted leaving small “presents” outside his car door. Nice work buddy. Not so afraid of mice anymore.

So uh, yeah

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It’s been a little slow on the blog lately. My bad. I’m finding it tricky to snap out of “holiday mode”. The weather is just so nice out. Things will get back to normal eventually, but let’s just all enjoy this lovely sunshine for a few more days, okay? Okay. Good plan!

One day, when I grow up

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I would like 1x Cartier love bracelet. Okay, no I lie. Maybe two or three actually. It’s hard to put into words just how beautiful these darling creatures are. So simple but ever so lovely. Uuum if anyone would like to make a donation to me, that would be nice too. (Yay) Oooh hey dad, […]


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Because he is a genius.

Happy new happy

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Hello 2011. Wow. It feels strange even saying that. I just got used to saying 2010. The year feels bright and shiny and new and here at Afraid of Mice we have some pretty big plans for the year ahead. So be sure to keep a little eye on us… But for now,it’s still very […]