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The night market was everything we said it would be. So many lovely and amazing goodies! And people! (And..uum cute boys!) The stall looked ever so pretty all covered in twinkly lights! One more market Saturday left till Christmas. Eeek.

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Miss Lari and I can’t really tell you what these pictures are for yet. But you can have a little look see in the meanwhile…

Night market tomorrow night. woop woop.

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Don’t forget the night market tomorrow night at the Biscuit Mill! It’s going to be super cool, so come along and shop your little heart out!

Smart handbags for smart girls

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How adorable are these book bags?! They are made by french handbag designer, Olympia Le-Tan. You can pick from titles such as ‘Dracula’ and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. Okay, so Natalie P may not look too thrilled in this picture, but I think it might be more the dress and less the bag.

My friend, Nicola

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If you have spent more than a minute on this blog, you’ll know all about my friend, Nicola. This is her latest project… I can’t explain why I am so obsessed with little critters right now, but it seems that so is she. Go play on her site too. It’s nice.

Christmas at Urban Outfitters. Oh yeah.

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So many little delights from Urban Outfitters. I have always wanted to knit my own ninja! Or have a shower curtain that looks like a waterfall! Who doesnt need a salt and pepper shaker that looks like panda’s?! I mean, really? They think of everything! I also want this and this and this. Hee hee.

A greener, cuter Christmas

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Fascinating Julia listed these little guys on her Christmas wish list. They are made out of natural goodies like leaves and seeds. Now I wanna add them on my list too, the raccoon is just so freaking cute!

The vintage Armani jacket? That’s us.

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And another mention for Afraid of Mice. The cream leather cropped Armani jacket was found on the last day of my travels in November and sold to Mademoiselle on the first day it hit the rails.

Night shopping? Uh yes please!

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We love love love love loooooove the Christmas night market at the Old Biscuit Mill. It’s always so much fun. Everyone drinks champagne and bounces around to Christmas tunes while shopping their little hearts out. Next Wednesday the 15th from 5pm to 11pm. PS: 19 sleeps till christmas!

Christmas shopping a la vintage

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Justine from ifor1 sent me a little shout out last week asking that I give her some ideas for vintage Christmas shopping this year. Run on over and see my recommendations… I really love the idea of giving a friend a collection of LP’s… maybe even a record player! (Depending on just how much you […]