I’m going to be an aunty!

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My dear friends Nicola and Byron announced to the world this weekend that in less than 8 months they will be having a baby! EXCITEMENT! Nicola and I are already discussing her maternity style, baby names and all the vintage baby goodies I am going to be buying. I’m secrectly hoping they have a little […]

Time to fly

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Bye bye America! Hello Cape Town! The good news is that the new stock will debut next week saturday at the mill. Come early! In the meanwhile, I am sitting in Sea-Tac with nothing left to do. I’ve already gone nutso at the Clinique duty free counter, bought all the Vogues that I can possibly […]

Lanvin + H&M = LOVE!

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Just a few more sleeps until the goodies hit the USA stores. Cant wait! So many pretty dresses… found a few of them on lookbook this morning. Am loving loving loving the little grey tulle number…

We are not fur friendly

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So its time to clear up a little something here at Afraid of Mice. We are NOT fur friendly. Not at all. We dont care if it’s vintage, if the jacket/coat/lining is a 100 years old, we have not and never ever will sell anything to do with fur. The moral highground is a tricky […]

Kiss me!

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Fantastic new blog. It’s all about kissing! And really, when one comes to think about it, what’s not to love about a good ol’ fashion smooch?!

“Good toes, naughty toes”

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Well, that’s what my ballet teacher used to shout over and over. It’s burned into my brain. I must have been 6 at the time… So, on the topic of ballet, Kate Miss from For me, for you posted about “The Ballerina Project” today. The pictures are so incredible, I just had to post about […]

Mademoiselle mention

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It’s always nice when someone nice buys something nice from us. And blogs about it.

Two more sneak peeks

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Say hello to our bright and shiny Chloe dress. And then say hello to the origami Marc dress. Aaaah hello beautiful creatures! Sigh. Pretty dresses sure do make my heart skip a few beats.

Marc Jacobs and Pan Am

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Well lookie here! Our latest handbag to hit the studio is a limited edition Marc Jacobs travel bag. Marc Jacobs has embraced the Pan Am retro history by applying his trademark signature to the Pan Am bags, the Explorer and the Innovator. The bags even made a brief appearance in the movie “The Life Aquatic […]