Oh Marilyn!

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Woweeee, a few never-before-seen images of Marilyn Monroe have been published in a new book, “Marilyn: August 1953″. The black and white images are charming and lovely! These are my two favourites, but you can go on here to see some of the others, there are over 100! Can’t wait to get my grubby paws […]

We share the same name

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So there I was thinking I was quite the smarty pants for thinking of such an original name… well, it’s not true. There is another ‘Afraid of mice’. Afraid of Mice were also a band from Liverpool in the 70’s! Some of their singles include “I’m on fire” and “Intercontinental”. From what I have read, […]

Spring Wedding next weekend

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Yaaaaaay! Like most girls, I really do love a good wedding. So of course I am super super excited to fly up to Johannesburg next weekend to attend a family wedding. (The bride is my mom’s best friend’s daughter, so we are practically family!) I cant decide what to wear. So many options, just one […]

Maybe one day

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I was hanging out with papa Brandi on Friday and we made a quick stop-over at Sotheby’s in Constantia. Me oh my. I was left in the waiting room for a while when I felt a sudden urge to sneak a peek around the place. There, sitting underneath an antique end table, sat an exquisite […]

Ifor1 street style

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Yes yes a round of applause please. We (or me!) made it into Justine’s street style for the week. I am right at the bottom of the page wearing black and white stripes. The skirt and belt are both vintage and the shirt is one of my sneaky finds from the USA. I kind of […]

Saturday best

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Every Saturday at the Biscuit Mill is quite a fashion treat for us. All kinds of fashionista’s come out to play and every now and then there will be one lady that just stands out. Last saturday it was her. Her full skirt was to die for and it had a whole other story of […]

Twirly Whirly

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The wonderful Sarah from Shop-Label came to the studio looking for a dress for her birthday party. After much deliberation she finally set her heart on a 20’s inspired pastel pink flapper dress. And what a dress! As you can see from the picture this dress was born with the intention of living its life […]

The best of lookbook this week

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These are a few of the looks I quite like… this site is great to browse through if you’re feeling a little uninspired and want some great fashion ideas. Ps:If you want to be on lookbook, the trick is to never EVER look into the camera. You must look down. And dont smile.

Picture of the day

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What’s not to love about Style Rookie,Tavi? I stole this picture off her blog. It’s her and John Galliano and it’s just so darn cool. J’adore!

I do! I do! I do!

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So. I found this site today while scanning through all my favourite morning reads. And although it’s not me who is tying the knot, one of my friends will be very soon. The people from these weddings have gone out of their way to make the most incredible weddings ever. Nothing tacky.Nothing too girly. Nothing […]