One more week, one more week

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Oooooh. Just one more week to go till summer in Seattle with the boys!   Our two brothers live in the USA now. The little one, Giulio, (who is not so little at 22) is studying in Colorado Springs at some schmancy liberal arts university and is spending his summer with big brother, Wesley, who lives in Seattle. […]

The night market continued…

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The pictures, as promised.

Two more weeks

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! We love you Seattle.

pretty as a picture

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Some shots from the studio. Pretty hey? Told you so.

*cough cough*

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All the build-up excitement to the night market (and a little too much cheering on Long st with Bridget and the girls and Bridget’s vuvuzela) got me a little partied out before the party had even started. In other words, I was a man down on Tuesday. I picked up some stupid virus which meant I had to […]

Waking up late on Sunday morning sure is great

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Why exactly?Like there needs to be a reason.  Mostly because yesterday at the market was effing cold thats why. So having a little lie in is very much welcome. Ash agrees too.

27 sleeps left

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This time big sister will be travelling with me. Seattle, New York and San Fran. I cant wait. Plus there will be ice-cream. Lots of ice-cream. I am determined to get big brother to make friends with Bill Gates so we too can cruise around on a big yacht. Until then,  his Shelby GT will have […]

What goes bump in the night you ask?

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The designgoods night market! Thats what! As you can tell we are ever so excited about another night market. There is something about night-time shopping that is even more fun than day-time shopping. Come share a hot choccie with us and try on a winter coat or two:  Next week Tuesday from 6:30PM at the Old […]

Mystyle with Justine

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Eeek! The trick to looking pretty in piccies is NOT having laser surgery the week before. Sheesh. Justine from is just about the coolest lady in Cape Town. Smart, funny, pretty AND she has the most brilliant sense of style. So when she asked me to be a part of her mystyle section on […]

Guess what I gave myself for my birthday?

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Oh Stella. No one understands your beauty quite like I do. You and I are going to be a part of some fantastic outfits my little friend.